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385/55 R22.5

Endu™Race R Front

The Endu™Race R Front 385/55 R22.5 is exclusively designed for your steer axle, providing excellent mileage with precise handling characteristics.

Download the product information leaflet with technical specifications here.

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Technical Specifications




  • Tyre Size: 385/55 R22.5
  • Load Index: 160
  • Speed Symbol: K


Even wear for high demanding steering needs

The tyre's 10% higher width ratio between shoulder and centre rib, compared to our all-wheel pattern, provides optimised directional stability and even wear.

Precise handling and enhanced safety in adverse weather

Our optimised 5 groove design results in precise handling and better water dissipation.

A comfortable ride

Full-depth sipes help relieve stress acting on the tyre ensuring for a smooth journey.

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